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About Us

Savage Building Maintenance is an innovative commercial cleaning company designed to meet your specific needs. Only responsible and qualified individuals make up our fully staffed teams who provide professional and quality services while paying close attention to detail.

We know any job can be handled with superior teamwork which we achieve through our excellent supervision and employee training. All employees are required to go through our training program. Supervisors undergo an additional management training program with emphasizes on clear and concise communication. This training sets the framework for improved cleaning services unmatched by our competitors.

We believe through partnering with our clients we become an even more resourceful and competitive company with continued expansion towards the future.

Through Total Quality Management & Quality Assurance we reach the inevitable goal of Quality Customer Satisfaction. For over 15 years our agenda has been focused entirely on providing quality assurance cleaning services. To us it’s pretty simple – “When Your Building Sparkles, We All Shine!”